Drum Agency – Website Design

Drum is a user-focused digital agency based in Chicago, IL. Conceptualized in early 2013, Drum is the affiliate digital-arm of a successful offline marketing firm. Being essentially a start-up and the third employee of the organization, I was brought on board for multiple reasons including email marketing, digital strategy, and UX design. With the company being so new, one of my initial tasks was working with a small team to create an important part of Drum’s identity, its website.

This fully responsive website needed to communicate to the visitor both how the agency validates itself by displaying the leadership, past work/experience, and capabilities, but also how it differentiates itself from competition with expertise and process. This needed to be done while displaying the agency’s fun personality. One way this was done; creating a 90 second show reel which is presented to the user upon arriving.

This was a fun and unique project. Since we were creating for ourselves we built the site in an extremely agile fashion, simultaneously working on sketches, mock-up, creative design, and development, with iterations on the fly.

Below you will find a picture of a mind/concept map created during a late-night work session. You will also find screenshots of the final website on a laptop and iPad.