Evoke Productions Website

Evoke Productions, an affiliate of Sears Holdings, is a full-service photo and video content creation studio. With the main goal of generating additional revenue for the corporation, Evoke needed a website to be a primary asset in their business development arsenal.

Through discovery, our team learned that Evoke’s employees, their work, and the massive 65,000 square foot facility, were the core of the business. With the challenge of creating a website that was lively enough to display their work and talent, it also needed to be very simple to use as they targeted time-sensitive marketing executives.

I was tasked with creating concepts, user flows, and wireframes that would bring Evoke to life. Understanding the importance of their work and the employees that do it, this fully responsive website is filled with over 75 examples of studio creations, yet is organized in a fashion that keeps the site clean. It also displays employees, services, and processes so the user has a full understanding of the value Evoke offers. Most importantly, the site has many obvious ways to get in touch through a contact form, social outlets or phone number.

This beautiful, user-friendly, one-page scrolling website has generated double the expected leads to date, leading to closed sales and thrilled customers. Evoke management couldn’t be happier.

Below you will find original concepts I created and a rendition of the final product.