McGraw Hill Education – Mobile Events App

McGraw Hill Education (MHE), a digital learning company, holds hundreds of events a year to inform employees, as well as teachers, about their products and services. In doing so, MHE had a native app built to help manage and facilitate these events. The app had flaws, was a subpar experience, and therefore MHE was not seeing the user-base they expected. It was also very difficult for MHE to update content with their current set-up.

Commissioned to redesign the app, and it needing to be ready for the biggest event of the year just months away, our team got to work immediately.  In an agile environment, my role in the project included fully understanding application requirements, researching users, and helping to design new flows and frameworks to build a better UX.  This was done through stakeholder and user interviews, as well as building mock-ups and wireframes to communicate our ideas.

The new product was designed first for both phone and tablet as a web app built in HTML5 so that all users, regardless of device, could interact. A following phase included a rollout of hybrid iOS and Android apps allowing for additional features and inclusion in app stores. A custom CMS was also built allowing administrators to quickly and easily update event content on-the-go.

The new application was deployed days before the big event and incorporated live updates, individual agendas, speaker profiles, downloadables, social connection, surveys, and more.  During the first large event, 90% of the 700+ attendees interacted with the app.

Below you will find a system hierarchy and examples of phone and tablet wireframes I constructed for the project, along with images of the final product.