Mocial – Mobile App Concept

These are the first wireframes I ever made! Circa late 2009.

Mocial (mobile+social) was a mobile app concept for the evolution of a company I used to own called CollegeMobileDeals. The best way to describe CMD is discounts for college students, via text message. It was ingenuous. We would push one great deal a day from local establishments via text message. The user simply showed the text to redeem the deal.

For the next progression of this business model, which I called Mocial, I wanted to bring the concept to app form, keeping the common theme, but adding in more functionality.

New concepts would include push notification instead of text message, a timer for disappearing deals once the deal expired, a school homepage taken over by the business currently offering a deal, the ability to earn points for actions which could be redeemed, and even Mocial Messenger, a tab to share deals with friends and just do what college students do all day… message!

Below you will find some of my Mocial mock-ups. Don’t judge too harshly, as again, these were my first, but they were just a taste of a career that was yet to come.   **This is a concept. All logos in the sketches have no affiliation and simply represent ideas.