TechYourself – Website Redesign

TechYouself (TY) is the creation of a well-known Chicago career-placement firm.  TY is a tool that allows the firm, as well as other recruiters, to evaluate technical talent.  This is done through assessments that could challenge the candidate with both multiple choice and/or physical coding exercises.

This project is one that I took on while taking the Applied Interaction Design course at ADMCi School for Digital Craftsmanship ( Through the course, we would take what was learned each week and apply it directly to TY for real-world experience.

Since TY is a startup, the beta product was ‘rough around the edges’.  My challenge was to take all aspects of interaction design and create a superior product with a better UX.

Throughout the duration of the project, I performed a heuristic analysis, did exploratory research, conducted surveys and user interviews, made affinity diagrams, created personas, storyboards, and user flows, conducted card sorting, built wireframes, turned those frames into a working prototype, user tested, made iterations accordingly, and finally presented the final prototype, all research, and findings to the stakeholders.

The stakeholders were beyond impressed, stating that they “weren’t expecting this much detail and such excellent work.”

Below you will find examples of some of the work done throughout the course.